Marque is a top name in ambulances, and particularly well known for longevity, solid construction and customization.

Fire departments across the country count on Marque Type I medium-duty ambulances for years of reliable service.

The Marque ambulance line provides the ideal mix of high-quality construction, durability, and customization. When you invest in a Marque, you know you’re making a sound decision. In fact, we consider that Marque builds the best dollar-for-dollar, feature-for-feature ambulance you’ll find anywhere. We’re proud to represent this brand because it delivers real value.  Choose from Type I, II and III Marque ambulances, along with medium-duty Type Is.

Clear Brook Type I Ambulance

Clear Brook VFD recently took delivery on their Type I 4×4 ambulance from RedStorm and Marque Ambulance. It features a Dodge 4500 4×4 and VMUX electrical. Many thanks to Clear Brook VFD.

Marque ambulances are built for safety and engineered for endurance. Their fully welded substructure and integrated side impact beam ensures that when you leave the station the one vehicle on the road that you don’t have to worry about is the one you and your patients are riding in.

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New Ownership for Marque

Marque Ambulance was recently purchased by Wheeled Coach Industries, a division of Allied Specialty Vehicles, Inc.  Production of the Marque product will be headed to at state-of-the-art facility in the Orlando area that already produces Wheeled Coach and Road Rescue brand ambulances.  Marque unique design and quality construction will remain a constant.

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