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LTC 110' Aerial Ladder

Newly redesigned LTC 110′ Aerial Ladder

LTC aerials are is ideally designed and manufactured for years of reliable, robust performance.

With a history of performance, LTC aerials offer exceptional performance, reach and durability.  The LTC  mid-mount and TDA designs are particular stand-outs. Whether it’s tip loads, overall strength, walkway design, maneuverability or reach, there are plenty of reasons to select an LTC ladder, platform, tiller or boom-ladder.

These aerial designs, formerly known as LTI, were purchased by Smeal Fire Apparatus in 2014.  Since then, the company has updated the design for the 50′ and 65′ TeleSqurt,

LTC Snorkel

LTC Snorkel

Squrt and 55′ Snorkel as well as their TDA and 110′ Rearmount Ladder with new, advanced controls, new electrical systems and many other enhancements.  The 110′ aerial ladder is the backbone of many fleets throughout the U.S. and the newest version is now available.

Departments with demanding aerial applications and high-run profiles tend to gravitate toward LTC aerials. Built to last for years of heavy use, these aerials offer strength, excellent work areas, compact design and lots of storage.

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